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If you're looking for a replacement used engine or just a brand new crate motor for a special project, you'll save a ton of cash using online auctions!

We feature new and used engines for your kit car, rebuild, special project, or just to replace or upgrade the motor in your daily driver. Save big crate motors from brands you trust like Chevy, Ford, etc!

From Wikipedia:
Replacement engines can be used for many purposes, but mainly they are used to replace classic car engines that are in bad condition or broken, or to install a more powerful engine in a vehicle. Replacement engines are also often used to make an old car more reliable for daily use, since old engines might be tricky or worn out, even if they appear to be fine.
New castings of some engines are sometimes produced by independent companies. These blocks commonly replace rare or popular designs for aftermarket rebuilding, especially when the original is no longer produced. They are sometimes available in aluminum instead of original iron, or in stronger and/or lighter alloys. Often they imitate the larger available displacements that were produced in small numbers or allow for displacements never available.

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